Odeum Studios

Recording, Mixing and Production Services for Christian Artists

Odeum Studios Australia provides affordable yet professional recording and production services for Christian music artists in the Ballarat area.


Odeum Studios offers a variety of recording services for Christians in the Ballarat area. Whether you want to record an album of your church's worship band songs or record a podcast of your Pastor's sermon from last Sunday, we are here to help you.

  • Are you a songwriter who wants to share your songs with others? Odeum Studios is the place to come to record your Christian music — each song is recorded and mixed with care and pride, and we work hard to ensure your music sounds as good as it can.
  • Don't want to record in a new environment? Odeum Studios can to come to you! If you have a room/venue that is appropriate for conducting a recording session, we can bring our gear and set up there, recording you in your familiar environment. 
  • Do you need piano or guitar tracks on your songs but don’t know anyone who plays? Odeum Studios offers you musicians who can perform professional piano and guitar tracks on your songs at affordable prices (see Rates). 
  • Your tracks can be mastered through Odeum Studios by Nick Lewis at Brighton Mastering in the UK. Nick is a professional mastering engineer who has worked on several of Preshan’s mixes, and will help put the finishing touches on your song(s). 
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