Odeum Studios

Recording, Mixing and Production Services for Christian Artists

Odeum Studios Australia provides affordable yet professional recording and production services for Christian music artists in the Ballarat area.


Hourly Rates
Recording: $50/hr (minimum 2 hours)
Mixing: $50/hr 

$55/song (mastering by Nick Lewis @ Brighton Mastering) 

Instrument Tracks
Guitar: $50-150/song
Piano/Synth: $50-150/song

If you prefer to have a definitive price or are working within a budget, send through an email with the following details and we will get back to you with a quote for the final price:

  • the number of songs to be recorded,
  • the instruments to be recorded for each song,
  • which instruments you would like recorded for you (if any),
  • the number of vocalists to be recorded for each song,
  • whether you would like the songs mastered,
  • and if possible, a rough demo recording of each song. 
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