Odeum Studios

Recording, Mixing and Production Services for Christian Artists

Odeum Studios Australia provides affordable yet professional recording and production services for Christian music artists in the Ballarat area.


About Preshan

Odeum Studios is owned and operated by Preshan John. Preshan obtained his Degree in Audio Production from SAE Institute, Perth, and now resides in Ballarat, Victoria. He has been actively working in audio production for the last seven years, building a comprehensive portfolio of Australian Christian music he has produced, spanning a variety of musical genres. 

A musician and songwriter himself, Preshan understands the importance of musical knowledge in the  recording and production process, and is able to offer advice and suggestions for your musical arrangements and compositions.  

Why Christian Artists Only?

It can be difficult to perform at your best if the recording engineer does not share the same vision as you — especially so if you are a Christian artist recording at a secular studio. One of the primary purposes of Odeum Studios is to provide an environment in which Christian artists can feel comfortable recording the music that means so much to them.

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